Zoe began her working life in Soho as a hairstylist, working both in salon and some editorial work. She moved home to the garden of England, Kent, in 2015 where she started to spend her free time out with her boyfriend, learning about farming and working with his flock of sheep. Sadly in 2018 she unexpectedly lost her father, being out in nature seemed like the only way she would get through it and so she hung up her scissors and joined the farming venture allowing them to grow the business, renting more land and buying more sheep!

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She began her social media page ‘The Chief Shepherdess’ to document the learning process and mistakes she would make. It became more than a vlog for her friends and family to giggle at and off the back of the daily updates she’s now published a memoir with Penguin Randomhouse, owns a successful field to fork direct sales  business ‘The Little Farm Fridge’ with her partner Chris and farm over 500 sheep, cattle and goats on parcels of land throughout the county.  

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