Zena is a passionate home cook and recipe creator, based in London. Her social channels include her Instagram and TikTok@zenaskitchen, where she shares both authentic and innovative renditions of international culinary classics. For Zena, it’s all about honouring and celebrating culinary traditions from around the world.


More Information about Zena Kamgaing

Zena has been passionate about cooking since she was a young girl. She has always loved experimenting with food and playing around with different ingredients, flavours and textures. The more she experimented, the better she got, and as she improved, so did her knack for pairing flavours.

As a testament to her ability to make great food accessible, she worked closely alongside the Mob Kitchen team, developing easy, affordable dishes to enable students and young people to eat quality food.

Zena burst onto the food creator scene when she appeared on Jamie Oliver’s Cook Book Challenge and since then has already worked with some big brands such as Le Creuset, Ninja & Panasonic. Zena enjoys eating, but she loves the act of cooking even more. For her, creating beautiful food is fun, engaging, therapeutic, the list goes on. Through her recipes and videos, Zena hopes to inspire others to find joy in food.

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