the Fresh Exclusives Team

Debbie  (MD)

She’s been in the industry longer than she’ll ever admit and been in charge of Fresh Partners since 2007.

Sophie (Head of TV)

She produced TV programmes for over a decade.  She knows how it works and will find the perfect talent for your show.

Danielle (Head of Talent)

Longest standing inmate at Fresh so far – over 10 years – which is impressive as she’s also one of the youngest here.  She probably knows as many company secrets as Debbie.


Ellis (Social Agent)

New recruit.  Baby of the company.  Still enthusiastic and eager (it’s only a matter of time).  Very efficient.


the Fresh Talent Services Team

Natasha (On Maternity Leave)

You know that friend of yours who knows everyone…? Yes, well that’s Tash.  In fact you probably know her already.  If you want to put your brand in touch with someone she’ll know just the person.

Verity (Speaking Agent)

She was here back when it all began, she left for pastures new to book speakers for events but couldn’t stay away so she back for more. If you need a speaker/host for your event, drop Verity an email.

Tasha (Commercial Agent)

New Recuit. Talent Manager turned Commercial Booking Agent, She knows the inside of how agency’s work and the art of negotiation, making sure we can find the best talent for your campaigns. 


Fresh Partners are proud to support the following charities:

Foal Farm Animal Rescue
MS Trust
Sandy Secondary School - Made Masks for Key works during the first Lockdown
Rainforest Trust 20mm
Bumblebee Conservation Trust

• Celebrity/influencer PR Campaigns
• Celebrity/influencer social campaigns
• Celebrity/influencer endorsements
• Celebrity/influencer brand ambassador
• Corporate Speaking
• Virtual/Live events and hosting
• Broadcast days