Jake Dryan

Since Jake was young, he always knew that he wanted to become a chef, so made the decision to leave school at the age of 16. He started off by training at Westminster Kingsway Culinary School which led to working in hotels such as the Hilton. 

Jake has always been very ambitious and likes to share his cooking knowledge with others, which is why @plantfuture was born. He decided to take to social media where he began creating videos of himself cooking. It became a place where he was able showcase his favourite dishes for his followers to watch, learn and re-create.

He has a huge passion for Indian cuisine which has been received very well. Jake is on a mission to cook dishes from all Indian states and so far, has reached 10/ 29. He has also decided to make a lot of his meals Plant-based which attracts a whole other group of people, whilst educating others, showing them meat/dairy alternatives.

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