Born and raised in rural Bologna, Elisa Rossi moved to London in 2008 to follow her dream to work, as she saw it, in the capital of the fashion industry. Working her way up from the shop floor in Harrods to become Wholesale Executive for British luxury fashion brand Aquascutum, it was during that period of her life that Elisa started to suffer from hormonal acne.

Coming to the conclusion that the lotions, creams, pills and treatments were not working, Elisa set about on a life-changing mission to change her skin from the inside out.  Spending hours researching, looking at alternative ideas and testing recipes, Elisa began a plant-based journey of discovery, creating a whole new diet for herself packed with whole foods to help repair, regenerate, replenish and radiate her skin. 

Documenting and sharing her successes and struggles on her blog and instagram channel, Happy Skin Kitchen was born with the idea of sharing wholesome plant-based recipes, which are not only delicious and satisfying but they are also packed with skin-loving ingredients to feed your body and your skin from inside out. Happy Skin Kitchen is all about eating for health and for beauty, it’s about delicious and nourishing recipes, which will give your skin the best chance to glow.

In 2018, after two years of running Happy Skin Kitchen blog, while still working at Aquascutum, Elisa realised her heart had left fashion and was firmly fixated on food and beauty.  Elisa gave up her job to concentrate full-time on Happy Skin Kitchen and with over 330K followers across her growing instagram, youtube and TikTok channels, continues to provide daily recipes, inspiration and on-trend ideas. 

An avid-traveller plus passionate about wildlife and the environment, Elisa lives with her fiancé and four cats in South London. 

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