Max McMurdo

Max officially started his career turning junk into treasure as a child crafting washing up liquid bottles into spaceships! After graduating from Bournemouth University with a 2:1 in Product Design and Visualisation, Max fulfilled his boyhood dream and became a car designer in Cologne, Germany.

More Information about Max McMurdo

After a couple of years Max decided that he really wanted to design, engineer and manufacture his own creations and felt inspired by beautiful items of waste so he established a business with the aim to design and create a range of upcycled furniture and accessories from objects destined for landfill. Max was keen to show that eco-friendly products do not have to be made from mud and hemp, they can be contemporary, stylish and desirable.

His expertise and warm personality led him to our TV screens and Max is now one of the best-known presenters in the designing and making space. His most recent credits include ‘Tool Club’ for Channel 4 which is returning to our screens this autumn, ‘The Weekend Workshop and ‘Cash in the Spare Room’ – both series for HGTV,  along with ‘£10k Holiday Home’ which he co-presented with Julia Bradbury for ITV1. Throughout the series Max was seen creating the most amazing transportable holiday home on a budget of £5k.

His other credits include ‘Find It Fix It Flog It’, ‘Shed of the Year’ and ‘Fill Your House For Free’ on C4, along with ‘How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny’ on Netflix. Max has also fronted a special for ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ which followed his journey selling his house and building a floating home from a 40ft shipping container. The show was the highest rating episode across the series at the time. Max has also worked for Nat Geo fronting a series called ‘Machine Impossible’. 

Max’s first book ‘Upcycling’ has been published in the UK and also internationally in 6 languages. Following its success he then wrote his second book ‘Upcycling Outdoors’ which was an Amazon best seller. Brand partnerships have included brands like Heinz, Silverline Tools, Gumtree, Dr Martens, Hitachi and Sugru, and projects have included Beetlemania where he bought a rundown beetle online and created 25 upcycled items from it which were then sold for charity.

Max is heavily involved in a number of charity projects including helping the homeless and building schools in Kenya.

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