Chanel Boateng is a transformation lifestyle expert and entrepreneur passionate about empowering women to embody the quality lifestyle they strive for and deserve. Building a safe space online for women through her lifestyle and life videos on YouTube and Instagram with over 525,000 subscribers on youtube and 99,000 followers on Instagram, Chanel Boateng shares her passion for this elevation and growth journey through sharing lifestyle choices in the area of beauty, fashion, home and business.

The London born-and-raised entrepreneur started out her career interning in the fashion industry at a modelling agency after graduating from studying Television Design and Production at Kingston University, London. She shortly after became a freelance makeup artist, this opened her up to the world of Blogging and YouTube, becoming one of the first to share makeup and beauty knowledge on the internet for dark skinned women, Chanel grew to exponential heights as a successful Lifestyle Content Creator and 12 years later, she has partnered with numerous world renowned brands which includes Google, Estee Lauder, Dove, Amazon and many more.

A mother to two young boys Chanel successfully documents what it is to live a quality lifestyle through her YouTube & Instagram videos showcasing fashion and beauty options, real talk chats and advice videos with the aim of empowering women to understand their power and the right they have to grow and live a quality lifestyle for themselves.

• Celebrity/influencer PR Campaigns
• Celebrity/influencer social campaigns
• Celebrity/influencer endorsements
• Celebrity/influencer brand ambassador
• Corporate Speaking
• Virtual/Live events and hosting
• Broadcast days