Chanel Ambrose has always known what she wants in life. The house. The family, The career. The look. Chanel calls this ‘Quality Lifestyle’ and for the past twelve years she has been documenting her route to achieving it all. Sharing her choices across beauty, fashion, home and business to inspire others, Chanel is passionate about empowering women to manifest the ‘Quality Lifestyle’ they strive for and deserve. Joining Chanel’s journey means elevating your sense of self-worth and recognising your inner strength and your right to grow and achieve your ambitions.

Chanel was born in London, raised by Ghanaian parents, who separated when she was young. Her turbulent youth saw her on course for self destruction, however, guided by her mother’s faith and drawing inspiration from the Asante, a Ghanaian tribe noted for the strength and significance of the women in their society, Chanel carved a new path for herself.

After graduating University as a single parent, Chanel worked as a make-up artist when she was first introduced to the world of blogging and YouTube vlogs. Here she saw an opportunity to innovate and became one of the first influencers to share makeup and beauty knowledge for dark skinned women online. Viewers were drawn to her open, honest and engaging warmth. She continued to evolve her YouTube channel, quickly establishing herself as a successful Lifestyle Content Creator. 12 years later, she has over half a million subscribers across her social media platforms and has partnered with numerous worldrenowned brands including Google, Estee Lauder, YouTube and Dove to provide advice on diversity, social entrepreneurialism and to create bespoke product promotions.

As well as being a successful business woman, Chanel is now a wife and mother to two boys. But, as well as experiencing love and success, she has also overcome many of life’s biggest challenges. Through her Vlogs and social posts, Chanel continues to share her story and importantly her motivations, life lessons and words of encouragement to those who follow her on the road to ‘Quality Lifestyle’

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